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WealthTrust Asset Management is an experienced emerging portfolio manager designed to partner with Advisors to meet their clients' investment needs.

With ten (10) DBS investment portfolios from which to choose, we can meet investment objectives from conservative income to long term growth.

Headquartered in Destin, Florida, the company is led by President and Chief Investment Officer, John G. McHugh.

WealthTrust Asset Management

DBS Portfolios

Large Cap Growth

Long Term Growth

Focused Equity

Total Return

Conservative Growth & Income

ETF Quantitative Sectors

ETF Equity Growth

ETF Equity Value

Moderate Fixed Income

Conservative Fixed Income

WealthTrust Asset Management, LLC

is a SEC Registered Investment Adviser




Our mission statement is simple:

To provide investment portfolio management to advisors and their clients through our time-tested quantitative methodology

What Makes WealthTrust Different?


WealthTrust Asset Management is not in business to simply manage investment portfolios.  Our goal is also to build a partnership with Advisors, to help them grow their business, and offer solutions to meet their clients' investment needs.

Size, Process, and Accessibility

Unlike the mega managers, our size allows us to execute trades quickly and efficiently which can add significant returns to a portfolio, especially during volatile markets. 

Our DBS Portfolios are managed with our proprietary quantitative process.  And, with over 25 years of portfolio management experience, we have a proven track record.  Our experience coupled with our defined investment process helps us take emotion out of investment buy/sell decisions.

We Are Accessible

Do you want to speak directly with the lead portfolio manager?  You will have his direct phone number.  Do you want to schedule a webinar with the manager, your client, and yourself to allow your client to learn the WealthTrust process?  We are only a phone call away.




First, I want to thank you for your interest in WealthTrust Asset Management and the DBS Portfolios.  This area of our website provides an introduction to the services provided for Financial Advisors. 


FINANCIAL ADVISORS AND RIA's OFFERING WEALTHTRUST ASSET MANAGEMENT AS A THIRD PARTY MANAGER:  WealthTrust Asset Management's DBS portfolios are available to you by several means.  We can be added to your list of qualified managers for your existing business by way of a sub-advisory agreement with your RIA, or through one of the third-party platforms on which our portfolios are currently offered.   


To include our DBS portfolios to your RIA's platform, please contact us so we might discuss the options with you and the persons within your firm responsible for qualifications and due diligence of approved managers who operate on a sub-advisory basis. 


In addition to sub-advisory arrangements,  our portfolios are also offered through several SMA third party platforms:  SMArtX, Sawtooth, Orion Communities, Fidelity, Raymond James, Schwab Marketplace, TD Ameritrade Managed Accounts and FINIAT.

Whether you choose to work with us directly by means of a RIA sub-advisory agreement or through one of our third party SMA partnership platforms, we are here to provide you with experienced discretionary portfolio management and personalized service.


Contact me today 850-460-8440 or John@wealthtrustam.com to learn how we might help you grow your business with a manager whose process and investment style may be a sensible alternative to what you now have available.

President – Chief Investment Officer
WealthTrust Asset Management



WealthTrust Asset Management, LLC is a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA).  Additional information about WealthTrust Asset Management, LLC is available on the SEC's website at www.adviserinfo.sec.gov.  The company's CRD number for a SEC site search is 174901.


Destin, Florida

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